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Create Clickable Links in an Email
Create Clickable Links in an Email
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Easily add clickable links to an email to members, non-members, committees, and event volunteers through the member portal.

1. For information on how to create an email, click here

2. To add a clickable link, highlight the word/s which you want to link to a different webpage and click on the Link icon in the text editor. A popup window will appear.

3. Fill in the URL field with the URL address of the webpage that you want it to go after someone clicks on it and click OK. Once the email recipient clicks on the word/s, they will be redirected to the indicated webpage.

4. If you want the link to open in a new window, go to the Target tab and select New Window (_blank) . Then click OK.

Note: When you are in the edit area of the email, the link will NOT redirect you to the website. If you click on it, it will just open the pop-up to edit the link. It was set up this way for convenient editing of emails.

However, if you saved your email, you can go to the Email area, click on Drafts and click on the subject of the email to open it. You can then click the word/s and you will be redirected to the linked site. 

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