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Formatting Pages on Your Public Website
Formatting Pages on Your Public Website
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It's important to create a standard style when designing your website for it to look professionally.

This guide will take you to the public website feature of Portalbuzz where you will learn how to use various formatting options for editing/modifying your webpages.

  1. Click the Admin icon on the navigation menu on the left. Under Public Website heading, choose Public website editor.

2. You will be redirected to the Public Website Administration page.  Select Manage Pages & Menu.

3. Choose the page to edit.

4. Click the Edit link next to your page's title. You are now ready to edit the webpage.

5. Enter/Edit the necessary information and click Save and Publish/Save without Publishing or Cancel to exit.

Note: It is vital to create a standard style for your site. A simple, clean and professional looking site will appeal to your club members and visitors. You can choose from different heading, content and link styles to personalize your website. You can also take advantage of the public website controls to automate the information from the member site to the public website.

To make style changes to the selected template, locate Adjust Template and click the Select button. You can now start formatting your page.

Heading Styles

Use styles to format your page. You can quickly and easily apply a set of formatting options consistently throughout your website.There is no need to edit the heading of each page. Just select the heading style you want and the customized settings will be applied immediately.

Content Style and Link Style

The Content style helps you change the settings of the font of your page while the Link style provides attributes whether the link should be underlined or not. You can also set the color and hover decoration if you want.

Page Header Look and News Section Look

The Page Header Look allows you to edit the page header. You can add a custom logo while the News Section Look allows you to sort news and adjust the limit of the news list.

Click Save Adjustments once finished or Cancel to exit.

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