Need to update the officers positions within your organization? This guide will help you manage and update the positions for both the current and upcoming year.

1. Click the Admin icon on the navigation menu on the left. Under General Administration, choose Officers and click Select. A new page will appear.

2. Select the year from the dropdown menu. 

3. Click Manage positions from the red Administration bar.

4. The list of officers will appear.

Below are the different functions to edit the positions in your organization.

Update Position. Click Update to save and Cancel to exit.

Remove officer position. Click Yes to delete or No to cancel.

Associate Roles With Officer Position. Check off the the box to select the desired position then click Save to update and Cancel to exit.

5. In the red Administration bar, click Add New Officer to add a new position/officer.

6. Enter the new position and click Add.

Note: You can add officers prior to the beginning of the year if there are roles assigned with officer positions.

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