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Use and Manage Meetings & Events Templates
Use and Manage Meetings & Events Templates
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Do you have regular events in your club? It can be laboring to input the details of repeating or similar activities This is where using templates can help. Portalbuzz saves templates of the events you’ve created so you can easily edit them for future use.

This article shows you how to use and manage meetings and events templates.

  1. Click the Meetings & Events icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. In the red Administration bar, click Manage templates. A new page will appear.

3. You will see all the names of the events you've created. Click the Power Button icon to enable or disable the selected template. If the template is disabled, it will not appear in your template selection.

4. To use a template, from the Meetings & Events page, in the red Administration bar, click Add event using a template

6. After choosing a template, you just have to select the first day from the calendar, assign event coordinators and click the Add new event button. To add an event coordinator, enter the members name, click the member's name, then select that member from the dropdown menu. To confirm, click the Add new event button or Cancel to exit. 

7. You will see the details from the Meetings & Events page. Portalbuzz will generate the information from the template you’ve selected. Details like the location, the time of your event, volunteer positions, the event description, and event tasks are already available. Click the Edit option  to make necessary adjustments.

To add a new date, select the event to edit. Click Add new to add a new event date.

When a template is used for the creation of a new event and when this event is added, a new instance of a template is created and the older template is overwritten.

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