The Message Hub is a central way to communicate with all members. New messages are showen on your start page so you’ll always be up to date with the latest announcements.

This section contains the thread of messages from other users and allows you to add/post your messages. This section has 4 clickable tabs: The +Message, Search, Notifications, and Privacy tabs.


This is where you create and post messages that will be seen from the Message Hub thread.

  • For posting messages, click the +Message tab. This button allows you to post a Message in the thread.
  • Compose a message in the Content box.
  • You can choose a specific audience for your post, whether Private or Organization. Simply mark the checkbox beside your preferred audience.
  • To attach any file or image, click the Select button.
  • Once you have chosen the file/image, click Open.
  • Click the Post Message button.


This tab allows you to search for messages.


Go to the Notifications tab to choose which information you want to be notified about. Mark the checkboxes and click the Save Settings button.


The Privacy tab allows you to set your privacy settings.


This option allows you to flag specific messages.

Show More button

Use the Show More button to view previous threads/messages.

Edit your message

  • Edit or update any information already posted. Click the Update Message button to update any changes made.

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