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Features of Portalbuzz
Features of Portalbuzz
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Portalbuzz provides a wide range of features that will benefit your club or organization. Take advantage of the following tools to communicate and interact with your members, volunteers and website visitors.
Website Design and Creation
Have a mobile site ready and professional website in no time! No technical background or expertise needed to manage and update your site.
● Select from various designs and templates available
● Various "Controls" to immediately pull information from the member portal to the website.
● Provides support for images, videos including 3rd party services for shopping cart, Google Analytics and more
● Online support articles and video tutorials
● Downloadable files namely Word, Excel and PDF
Member Management and Directory
Ensure that your members are updated on the latest activities in your group. Communication is a breeze through the member portal.
● Easily access and update personal information
● Conveniently review volunteer needs and sign up to events
● View and print member directory
● Manage attendance online or through printable sheets
Meeting & Event Management
Create and manage meetings and events with ease. Add volunteer positions where members and guests can sign up.
● Create and update meeting and event details
● Publish the event both in the member portal and public website
● Save minutes of the meetings, agendas and event documents
● Manage the need for volunteers online or through printable sign-ups
Committee Management
An exclusive section where you can manage and organize all committee information.
● Create various committees and assign board and committee members
● Organize committee meetings and designate tasks
● Post and save minutes, agendas and other important committee information.
Email Marketing, Newsletter and other Communication Tools
Communicate with members through the portal or email. Share information within your organization or with the public through announcements, newsletters, etc.
● Create custom groups to communicate with members, guests, speakers, etc.
● Segment members and send targeted emails based on your set goal
● Personalize dashboard and calendar
● Easy access to customizable email templates
● Create newsletters from scratch or take advantage of easy to use templates
Create and upload all the important documents of your group online for easy access.
● Create documents directly on the member portal that you can update and send immediately
● Upload and store documents, photos and PDF files
● Add subfolders to organize your group's documents
Calendar and Planner
Monitor and view events and activities in a calendar format
● Easily track upcoming meetings, events and activities including birthdays
● View event/meeting details by clicking on the particular date
● View the calendar through the member portal or directly from the public website
Administrative Tools
Manage your organization’s administrative tasks and delegate access to specific groups or individuals.
● Set specific access levels to keep organization's important date safe and secure
● Assign various roles to members for particular admin access
● Track member attendance and oversee internal reports
● Manage membership and directory information
Registrations & Event Management
Manage event registrations for your organization or sell event tickets online. Collate event registration information and collect payment through online registration forms.
● Easily create and manage event registrations with customized fields so that members and non-members can register
● Quickly set registration types, ticketed items and other important details to event registrations
● Facilitate early bird and other date-based pricing tiers including discount codes
● Registration and ticket sales are done through the public website and allows for payment by credit/debit card
● Through Stripe, you can process payments right away by credit card
Online Member Application
Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and enable prospective members to apply online whenever and wherever they are.
● Convenient for potential members to sign-up online
● Creating online member application form is quick and easy
● Customize member application form in few simple steps
● Secure online data submission
● Immediately approve/disapprove application through the member portal
Dues and Billing
Easily create, personalize and update invoices for billables like member dues, donations, event fees and many more.
● Create and customized standard invoices
● Generate invoices individually or by bulk
● Forward invoices through email or send a printed copy effortlessly
● Manage transactions through a searchable list of invoices
● Conveniently track payments made by members and update records

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