This article will show you how to add a new committee meeting. Creating a committee meeting automatically adds it to the club calendar.

1. Click the Meetings & events icon on the navigation menu on the left.

3. Click the red Administration option and select Add committee meeting .

4. Select the Committee from the drop-down menu.

5. Edit the Topic textbox.
6. Select a Location. If location is not shown, add a new Location by clicking the plus icon.
7. Select a Meeting day.
8. Select a Start time.
9. Select an End time.
10. Add photos to the meeting:
If desired, add a picture by clicking the image icon to the right of the Picture textbox. 

Select an image from the folder. If the desired image is not shown, click the Upload button at the top and select the image you would like to upload.
11. Edit the Description textbox to describe the meeting topic.
12. Click Add new meeting when done.
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