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Pre-made Website Content Templates
Pre-made Website Content Templates
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The Pre-made Content Template provides you with a pre-formatted public website with content already populated.

If you feel a little overwhelmed by the process of creating a public website for your club from scratch or if you want to create a professional looking website for your club without spending a lot of time, then this option might be for you!

Navigate to the public website editor:

  1. Click the Admin button on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Under the Public website heading, locate Public website editor.

3. Locate the Select template heading and click the Select button.

4. On the next page, click Apply Selected Template. This is just one content template. It will populate the standard content into the style template that you selected. 

We've created a 2 page checklist and document to get you started. Click below to view and download the Pre-made Website Content Template guide.
We recommend printing the document and using it as a tool to help ensure that you have reviewed and finalized each page.

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