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Create a New Club Meeting
Create a New Club Meeting
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Add a new club meeting to the calendar.

1. Click the Meetings & events icon in the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the red Administration icon and select Add Club Meeting from the menu.

3. Select the date for the meeting.

4. In the Location name textbox, select the location from the drop-down menu. 

To edit the location name that is selected in the drop-down menu, click the "edit" icon.
To add a new location, click the "plus sign" icon.

5. Select a start time.

6. Select an end time.

7. Select the number of meetings to add. If the number of meeting is greater than one, select how often to repeat by marking the appropriate check boxes under the Repeat every header.

8. Click the Add button to add the meeting(s).

Note: If you need to change the location of series of meetings that were added previously, you cannot change the location in bulk (for all the meetings at one time). Each meeting location must be changed individually.

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