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Classic Editor : Wrap Text Around an Image
Classic Editor : Wrap Text Around an Image
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If your club is using the Classic Website Editor, wrapping text around an image is easy by choosing the alignment features in the content editor. The website default inserts an image without wrapped text.

1. Go to the edit mode of the page to edit. If you need instructions on how, click here.

2. In the content editor, locate the image to wrap text. Right click on the image and then select Image Properties from the drop-down menu.  

3. In the Image Properties window, set the Alignment by selecting Left or Right from the drop-down menu. Selecting left or right alignment will wrap the text around the image.

To add space around the image, add pixels to the HSpace (horizontal space) and VSpace (vertical space) textboxes. Start by entering "5" into the space textboxes and determine if that is too much or too little space for the look that you prefer. View the spacing in the preview window in the Image Properties box. If you prefer a different spacing, try numbers higher or lower than 5 until you reach the desired spacing. 

4. Click the OK button. The image will show with wrapped text.

5. Click the Save and Publish button or the Save without Publishing button to save the changes.

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