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Assign Meeting Responsibilities
Assign Meeting Responsibilities
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The process for assigning responsibilities is similar for both regular club meetings and committee meetings. However, an option is provided to signup non-members for a regular club meeting assignment. For example, a non-member may be assigned as the speaker for the meeting.

1. Click the Meetings & Events icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Choose a meeting to assign responsibilities and click the title to make changes.

3. Locate the responsibility or meeting assignment to be updated. In the same row, click the Sign up member or Sign up guest icon under Assignee.

4. If signing up a member, click in the Sign up member box and start typing in the member name. When the name appears in autocomplete textbox, select the name and then click the Sign Up button.
5. If signing up a non-member, click the Sign up guest box and enter the guest name and email in the textboxes then click the Sign Up button.

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