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Roles are used to give specific administrative access of Portalbuzz to users. Below is an overview of each available role:

ALL administrative functions in the site, except adding new members. Adding new members can only be done by the Secretary or Assistant Secretary that has been reported to the Kiwanis International.

Billing Administrator
Access to Member dues & invoices area.

Committees Administrator
Administration functions in the Committee area, including creating new committees, adding committee meetings, and managing members of committees,

Documents Administrator
All administration functions in the Documents area.

Email Administrator
Not functional at this time.

Event Registrations Administrator
Create and manage event registrations. NOTE: Will also need Public Website Admin role to put the registrations on the public website.

Meetings & Events Administrator
All administration functions in the Meetings & Events area (except the 'Attendance Reports' section).

Newsletter Administrator

All administration functions in the Newsletters area, including managing distribution lists.

Public Website Administrator
Management of the public website, domains, club email forwarding accounts.


  • Access to the Attendance area (in the Meetings & Events).

  • Manage Officers in the Admin area.

  • View all committee reports. 

User Administrator
Add, delete, and edit people on the people screen. NOTE: Does not apply to Kiwanis clubs.

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