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Easily send emails to members, non-members, committees, and event volunteers through the member portal.

  1. Click the Email icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the Compose button on the right.

3. To add Member recipients, click in the Recipients textbox. In the blue box that displays, start typing one of the following:

  • Individual member names (for example, "Smith")

  • "All Members"

  • A committee name

  • An event name. As you are typing the event name, "Event signed up" or "Event not signed up" will show. Choose the option you need.

  • A Distribution list name that you previously created

4. As you type, options will display in the autocomplete box. Select recipients. A gray rectangle with the name of the recipient that you just selected will show in the Recipients box. Continue adding members or groups in the same manner until you are done.
5. If you need to exclude one or more recipients from a group that you selected in the recipient area, click in the Member recipient exclusions textbox. In the blue box, start typing the member name of the member that should not receive the email. Select the member that should be excluded from the email in the autocomplete box. The exclusion feature is helpful when planning surprises, such as birthdays or recognitions for particular members.
6. To add non-members click the Guest button and add the name and email of people not in your club. Click the Add button.
7. In the Subject textbox, enter a subject for the email.
8. To add attachments, click Choose file. Locate the file that you would like to attach from the window, then click Open. The attachment will show under Attachments on the Compose new mail page.
9. Type content into the Content box. Format or insert images by using the html editor buttons shown above the content box.
10. To include a list of all recipients at the bottom of the email, mark the Append list of recipients to the mail body checkbox. This feature is helpful for keeping track of responses or to keep a list of individual email recipients.
11. To send the email immediately, click the Send button. Click the Save button to save as a draft.


  • All emails are sent as individual emails and not one collective email with several recipients. This helps with deliverability.

  • The From email address in the email shows as and the reply-to address will be your email address.

  • All hard bounces (indicating that the email does not exist) or spam complaints will be permanently removed from any and all future mailings. The removal of email addresses is handled automatically.

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