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Create Email Distribution List
Create Email Distribution List
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Distribution lists allow you to quickly send emails and newsletters to groups of members and non-members. Through this function you have the option of sharing distribution lists with members or keeping them private.

  1. Click the Email icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the red Administration icon and select Distribution lists.

Note: Distribution lists reside in the newsletter function. Once you click the Distribution lists button you will be on the Newsletter Distribution Lists page. Distributions list can be accessed through the Email function or the Newsletter function by clicking either icon in the left menu.

Create new Distribution List:

  1.   Click the red Administration icon and select Create List.

1. Edit the Name field. Ensure that the list name will be easy for you to identify, especially if you choose to share the distribution list with others in your club. 

2. Edit the Description field.
3. Edit individual members
In the Members area, start typing in the member's name and then select it from the drop-down list.

4. To add a non-member to the distribution list, click the +Non-Member button to add individuals who are not members of your club. If you would like to remove a member from the distribution list, click the trash icon next to the non-members name in the Non-Member section.

5. Click the Create button to create your list.
You new distribution list will show on the Distribution list page. Access the list by clicking the Email or Newsletter icon and then clicking the Distribution lists button.
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