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Attach a Document to an Event
Attach a Document to an Event
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Keep event documents all in one location and easily accessible for members by attaching documents and associating them with the specific event.

  1. Click the Meetings & Events icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the title for the event . Events are indicated by an E in the Type column.

3. Click the Downloads tab.

4. Click the red Administration icon and select the Attach file option. 

5. Click the Select icon. Locate and click the document that you would like to attach and then click the Open button. 

6. The path of the file will show in the File textbox to the left of the Select button. 

7. Click the paper clip icon to the right of the Select button.
8. The document will show in the Meeting & events details page under the Downloads tab. Members will be able to download or view the attached document when viewing the meeting or event.

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