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Send an Email to Non-members
Send an Email to Non-members
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Easily send emails to people who are not members of your club. Sending an email to non-members is the same as sending an email to members, except for specifying the recipient as a non-member.

  1. Click the Email icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the Compose button.

3. For a regular member email you simply typing the names group in the Member recipients textbox and selecting the recipients that you need. To send an email to a non-member click the Guest button. Enter the name of the non-member and the email in the window that shows. Click the Add button.

4. Type a title for the email in the Subject textbox.
5. If needed, add an attachment by clicking the Choose File button. Select the desired attachment and click the Open button. The attachment will show under the Attachment heading. Add more attachments using the same process.
6. Type the body of the email in the Content textbox.
7. Click the Send button to send now or click the Save button to save the email to send later.

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