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Update Notification Email Preferences
Update Notification Email Preferences
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Portalbuzz gives users the option to opt-in or out of different types of email notifications generated by the system and by the actions of other users within the club or organization.

To set email preferences:

  1. Click on your name above the menu and select the Email Preferences link.

2. Mark or unmark the checkboxes as desired. To disable all email notifications, mark the Opt out of all club/group emails checkbox at the bottom of the page. Click the Save button to save and return to the previous page.

Important! Once a member turns off any email notifications, only he/she can turn it on again. Administrators cannot change or update a member's email preference.

Automatic Volunteer Signup Notification:

When a member signs up for an event volunteer position, an email notification of the signup is automatically sent from the system as a confirmation. This notification email is not optional- all volunteers that sign up for a volunteer position will receive an email confirmation. However, the text of the email notification can be edited.

To edit the automatic email notification text:

  1. Click the Email button on the navigation menu on the left.

  2. In the red Administration bar, click Notifications.

  3. Under Notification type, choose Event position sign up, for volunteer template.

  4. You can then change the text in the template. Click Save.

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