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Using Email Notification Templates
Using Email Notification Templates
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The Portalbuzz system sends out email notifications on specific activities performed on the public website or member portal to inform members or administrators.


  • when a person completes a contact form and an email is sent to the club contact

  • when a member requests for password reset.

  • notifications on event tasks and many more.

To Update and Personalize Notification Content:

Note: You must have the role of administrator to be able to update notifications.
 1. Click the Email icon on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Click the red Administration icon and select Notifications. A new page will appear.

3. Click the dropdown button in Notification type to select a template.

4. The subject and content will be automatically populated. You can edit or personalize the subject and content, but make sure not to delete the default variables in the subject or content box. This is how information is pulled in from the contact form.

Note: There is also a short description on top to provide you with details about the selected notification type.

5. Click Save to update the changes.

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