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Public Website - Domain Setup
Public Website - Domain Setup
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Easily add and remove domain names that you own, as well as create Portalbuzz domains. Portalbuzz allows you to point your own custom domain (ex. to your public website. Once you register your domain with a registrar, perform the follow steps:

  1. Click the Admin button on the navigation menu on the left

  2. Click Public Website Editor under the Public Website heading

  3. Locate Domain setup and select it

To assign a temporary domain

  • What are temporary domains? Temporary domains, sometimes called subdomains, are domain names that are part of the domain. (Ex. Your club is setup with a standard domain which will show in this format: " You have the option of setting up a temporary domain name and using the standard url (web address) or assigning a custom domain.

  1. Click the red Administration icon and select the Assign subdomain option.

 2. In the Assign Subdomain window, type the subdomain name. You may create a unique subdomain name, such as your club name or whatever you would like. An alert will show if the name is already in use. For example, if your club name is "Charleston Kiwanis", you could choose "charlestonkiwanis". The domain would be, "".

3. Click the Assign button.

To assign a custom domain

  • What is a custom domain? A custom domain is a personalized domain name that is unique to your club. You can come up with any name to let other members and non-members know who you are, your organization or your club. (Ex.

  1. Click the red Administration icon and select the Assign Domain option.

2. In the Assign Custom Domain window, type the domain name in this format: In order to assign a custom domain, you must have your own domain name. We recommend going to to select and purchase a customized domain name. 

3. Click the Assign button.
4. When the screen reloads there will be four nameservers. You will need to log into the site where you registered the domain name and set these nameservers. 

Once the nameservers are set with your domain registrar, it may take up to 48 hours for your domain to start working. However, many times your site will be up and running in less than 2 hours.

To remove or delete a domain

1. From the list, locate the domain name that you wish to delete. (ex. and click the trash icon to the right. 

2. In the Remove domain window, click the Yes button.

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