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General Administration - Officers
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Update officers and board of directors in the website as changes occur.

  1. Click the Admin icon on the navigation menu on the left. 

  2. Locate Officers under Members.

2. Click the selected year drop down list to see existing officers for the needed year.

Note: As you are working to update officers, it will be helpful to make edits to a specific year together.

Add / set up a new officer position

Set up the officer positions for your club. You may also want to set up directors in this section.

  1. Click the red Administration icon and select Manage positions.

  2. Click the red Administration icon and select Add New position.

3. Type the name of the new position in the Position textbox in the popup box. Click the Add button.
4. Repeat for each officer position that is needed.

Add a new officer

Create or add new officers and their respective positions in the list.

  1. Click the red Administration icon and select Add New Officer.

2. In the Add new officer window, select the position in the drop down list. In the Member autocomplete box, start typing the first 3 letters of the member's first or last name. Choose the name when it appears in the dropdown. 

*Note: Keep in mind that there tends to be a delay with this dropdown, but you should see a list appear within 30 seconds.

3. Click the Save button.

Here is a short video that shows what this process should look like:

Delete an officer

  1. In the grid, click the trash icon.

  2. Remove officer by clicking the Delete button on Remove officer window.

  3. End an officer’s term by clicking the End Term button. You would use the end term option if an officer ended their term prior to the specified end of the club year.

Edit an officer

If a member is showing for a specific position, you can edit the dates. Name and position cannot be edited. However, you can remove the position or end the member's term by clicking the trash icon and clicking the Delete button or the End term button.

  1. In the grid locate the officer to edit, then click the edit icon.

  2. In the Edit officer window, edit any information.

  3. Click the Update button.

New! Sorting Officer Positions
Sorting of the officer positions on the officer management page on the member portal is now possible.

  1. Click the red Administration icon and select Manage positions.

2. Select the officer position that you want to sort and click and hold the drag icon to the area where you want to move/insert the chosen position.

The order of the officer positions will adjust accordingly.

View the changes log

  1. To view log records of a specific officer, choose an officer in the grid then click the changes log icon on the right.

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