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Create Shortcut URL for Public Website
Create Shortcut URL for Public Website
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This function allows you to create shortcut URLs for your public website. For example, if you added a website page for a special event such as a Pumpkin Festival, you might create a shortcut that would show as The URL for each page can be customized with your preferences.  

  1. Click the Admin button on the navigation menu on the left.


3. Locate the Manage pages & menu heading and click the Select button.

4. Locate the page that you would like to create a shortcut and then click the Shortcut icon to the right. In this example we chose Meetings. However, you can change the URL shortcut for any website page. 

5. In the popup box, type the shortcut that you would like to use and then click the Save button. Your URL will be changed.

6. You can check to ensure the URL shortcut is showing correctly by clicking the Link icon on the Manage Site page. 

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