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General Administration: Message Hub Hashtags
General Administration: Message Hub Hashtags
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Manage hashtags that appear in the Message Hub page.

1. Click the Admin icon on the navigation menu on the left.

  2. Locate Message Hub Hashtags under General Administration:

All tags

Contains all hashtags featured in conversations in the Message Hub page. To look for existing hashtags, simply type the number sign (#) followed by the hashtag in the “Check availability” textbox to see if the hashtag is available. If your club uses hashtags often, the list could be quite long. You can quickly search to see if a hashtag is listed by typing a # followed by the the word in the Check availability autocomplete text box. For example, "#event". If the tag is being used, it will show in the drop-down box. 

System tags

The System tags are system-generated hashtags that are posted in the “Message Hub” page. These are basic default hashtags that are already in the system. 

Inherited tags

Inherited tags are hashtags that are set up by your parent organization. If there are any they will be listed on this page.

Local tags

Local tags are any hashtags that have been created by club members. Those tags will show up here.

Click the "edit" icon and then '"inheritable" if you would like to allow any organizations that are below your to have access to the same hashtags. To delete a hashtag, click the "trash" icon. Members can still use the tag, however, it will not show in the autocomplete drop-down list.

Add a tag
Allows you to create new hashtags for the system.

  1. Go to Local tags and in the red Administration bar, select the Add tag tab.

2. Type a hashtag and mark the inheritable checkbox in the Add new tag window.

3. Click the Save button.

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