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Event Registration: How to Add New Type of Attendee
Event Registration: How to Add New Type of Attendee
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  1. Click the Admin button on the navigation menu on the left.


2. Under General Administration heading, locate Event registrations.

3. On the Events page, look for the name of the event. Click the pencil icon under the attendee types column.

4. Click the red Administration icon and select Add new type.

5. Fill out the required fields.

To add a billing code, click the add billing code link.
To choose from current billing codes, click the add rate link and set the start and end date.
6. If you have ticketed items for the event and they are to be bundled with the attendee type, click the box if you want them to be included. Note: If checked, the tickets will be included in the price of this registration type.
7. On the classification area, choose if the attendee type is for a member, guest or non-member.
8. Click the Add button.

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