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How to Manage Subscription
How to Manage Subscription
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Portalbuzz Subscription

Easily manage your subscription with Portalbuzz anytime. You can adjust your preferences, change the subscription owner and also update the credit card linked with the account.
Just click the Upgrade button depending on your preferred subscription if you wish to make changes with your account.

1. Click the Admin tab in the navigation menu on the left. Under General Administration, choose Portalbuzz subscription and click the Select button.

2. A new page will appear. Simply click the Upgrade button of the subscription you wish to subscribe to. Pricing options are shown below:

3. You will then be redirected to the Portalbuzz Subscription Payment page. Just fill out the necessary details required. Once done, click Subscribe to confirm subscription or Cancel to exit.

Change payment type

You can also update or change your payment type, the credit card number, card owner name or billing information.
 1. In the red Administration bar, select the Payment method tab. 

2. On the Portalbuzz Subscription Payment Method page, update the details you want to edit. 

3. Click the Save button or Cancel to exit.

Transfer Subscription

Subscription ownership can be transferred to another member. This function removes the credit card information from the existing owner and sends an email to the new owner. The new owner of the subscription will then respond to the instructions in the email and enter their credit card for payment of the subscription.
​ Important! Only 1 person can hold the subscription for a club.
 1. In the red Administration bar, select the Transfer tab. 

2. In the Transfer subscription window, type the member’s name to transfer the ownership of the subscription. 

3. Click Submit to confirm the transfer or Cancel to exit.

Cancel Subscription

  1. Click the Admin icon in the navigation menu on the left. Under General Administration, choose Portalbuzz subscription.

2. A new page will appear. Click the red Administration button then click the Cancel button.

3. Select End Subscription if you want to cancel or Stay Subscribed to maintain your subscription.

Note: Only the subscription holder can process the cancellation. If you signed up prior to 7/2014, the administrator needs to send an email requesting for the cancellation in order to for us to process it.

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