The Member Import function allow you to upload members via an Excel spreadsheet. It is important to use the template attached below. It can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article. When working with the template, ALL columns must remain in the spreadsheet, though only the first and last names are required.
Note: This is not available for Kiwanis clubs
Some of the fields must be formatted a specific way, as shown below;
For courtesy title:

  • Mr

  • Ms

  • Miss

  • Mrs

  • Dr

For gender:

  • M

  • F

For suffix:

  • Jr

  • Sr

  • II

  • III

For birthday:

  • Must be full date (2/13/1970)

For preferred address:

  • Home

  • Work

For preferred phone:

  • Home

  • Work

  • Mobile

The country fields must contain the country abbreviation (ex USA or CAN)
The state fields must use the state/province abbreviation (ex CT or ON)

Portalbuzz Member Import Template

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