Videos can help to improve your site’s online presence and the viewer's experience when looking at your website. Portalbuzz makes it easy to embed a video into your website pages.

1. Go to the edit mode of the page that you wish to edit. If you need instructions on how, click here.

2. To embed videos on the public website, click the Insert Media Embed icon located in the Content editor. 

The “Embed Media” window will appear.
3. Open another browser window and locate the video/media that you wish to embed in your webpage. Once you have located the video/media, copy the URL link.
4. Go back to the Media Embed window in the edit page of the your website and paste the URL into the textbox then click the OK button. 

The video will show in the "Content editor" box on the webpage.
Note: You can also create a table where you can embed the media or video. Right click on the table and select Table Properties to make edits to the placement, size or border of the video.
5. Make any edits to the placement of the video and then click the Save and Publish button or the Save without Publishing button.

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