This function is for creating custom fields for your member records.
Note: This is not available to Kiwanis clubs at this time

1. Click the Admin button on the navigation menu on the left.

2. Under the General administration heading, locate Organization settings and click the Select button.

3. On the red Administration - organizations list bar, select Manage Member Fields.

4. On the red User defined fields bar, select Create fields

A default list of user fields will appear.

5. To add a custom field, click the plus icon on the area where you want to add it. A popup window will appear.

6. Type the field name and select the field type from the dropdown list and click the Save button.

7. Once done, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
8. If you want to add, edit, delete or arrange the order of the custom fields, just click the corresponding icon/s and make the edits. Click the Save button once done.

9. If you want to remove any default user fields, simply untick the box corresponding to the selected field and click the Save button.

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