Link a word or group of words to an external website.

1. Go to the edit mode of the page that you wish to edit. If you need instructions on how, click here.

2. Select the text (word or words) that you would like to link to an external website.
Note: If no words are selected, the URL will be inserted. The url will be linked so that when it is clicked, the user will go to the specified website.
3. Click the Link button in the Content editor. 

4. Copy and paste the website address (url) that you would like to link into the "URL" textbox in the link window. 

The words that you selected to be linked to the external website will show in blue text on the website page.
5. To remove a link, select the link and click the Unlink button.

6. Click the Save and Publish button or the Save without Publishing button.

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