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Member Dues & Invoicing Configuration
Member Dues & Invoicing Configuration
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Note: This article is for use by Billing Administrators or those club members that handle billing and invoices.
The Member Dues & Invoicing feature provides an easy way to create invoices and statements for members and then log payments when received. This article shows you how to configure the billing system to your club’s specific needs.
Each step of the setup process is listed on the Billing Configuration landing page as shown in the graphic below.

After each step you will return to the Billing Configuration page to continue through the process. While there are a few steps in the process, a typical setup should take you no longer than 10-15 minutes.

Click here for a printable document with details on how to configure the billing feature.
For information on how to create invoices and statements including bulk invoices, refer to the Club Invoices: An Overview online support article.

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