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Insert Hyperlink to a Document on your Computer
Insert Hyperlink to a Document on your Computer
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This article shows you how create a link in your webpage to link to a specified document. You will locate the file on your computer and then upload it to the site. Viewers will access the file from the site.

Note: Viewers DO NOT access the file from your computer. 

  1. Go to the edit mode of the page that you wish to edit. If you need instructions on how, click here.

2. Select the text to create the link in the content editor, then click the Link button. 

3. Click the Upload tab and then click the Choose file button. Locate and select the document to link. Click the Send it to server button located under the Choose File button. 

4. Then click OK.

The text that you highlighted and linked will show in a different color (based upon the website template selected) and will be clickable text that will hyperlink to the designated document.

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