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BETA Modern Page Editor Overview
BETA Modern Page Editor Overview
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We're excited to introduce a new editor for the public websites! The new easy to use Modern editor uses “drop and drag”, pre-formatted, content blocks that make creating great looking, responsive websites. Simply select the look you like, click it, and drag it to your webpage.

A few important points:

  • The Modern editor is in BETA, but is fully functional. BETA just means that there may be a bug or two you encounter, and we'd appreciate it if you let us know.

BETA website editor = Modern editor. Old website editor = Classic editor

  • The Modern editor can only be used for creating new pages. Once you create a page using the Modern editor, you will continue to use the Modern editor for all future edits of that page. You cannot switch back and forth between the Classic editor and the Modern editor.

  • You cannot use the Modern editor for existing pages. If you would like to use the new editor for an existing page, create a new page using the Modern editor and copy or recreate the content needed. You can then delete the old page.

  • You can use the Classic editor for some of your webpages and use the Modern editor for other pages. It’s up to you.

  • Because the Modern editor uses a more visual web page creation process, it works best on bigger screens. If you are working on a smaller screen, the content blocks on the right may overlap the page that you are editing.​

Watch the short introduction video and then go to the website editor in the member portal to get started:

Try it out!

To try out the new Modern website editor, go into the website editor and select the option to create a new page. You will be asked if you would like to try the new Modern website editor.
Please contact us with feedback and questions about the new Modern editor.

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