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Create Mailing Labels
Create Mailing Labels
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Mailing labels are used to identify the name and address of an addressee and the sender. In Portalbuzz, creating mailing labels is an easy way to generate the names and addresses of your members. It is time saving especially if you need to send a large volume of mail.
NOTE: If you are in a Kiwanis club after step 1 click the red admin button and choose Roles & Email Restrictions then continue on to step 2.

1. Click the People button on the navigation menu on the left. 

2. Click the red Administration icon and select Mailing Labels. A new page opens.

Note: Important things to remember:

  • This option generates a PDF file to be printed as mailing labels.

  • It pulls the preferred address for each member. If a preferred address is not listed it will use the home address.

  • The format of the labels is Avery 5160.

  • When printing from Adobe Acrobat Reader make sure the scaling is set to 100%.

3. Click Download Mailing Labels. A new page opens where you can view the names and addresses of your members. 

4. Click the Print icon to print the mailing labels.

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