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​Using the Photo Album
​Using the Photo Album
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Setting up a photo album is a 2 step process:

1. First, managing the photo album contents

2. Next, making the photo album visible in the public website

1. Manage photo album contents - Where you will manage photos and folders

1. In the public website administration area click the Admin tools link in the upper right
2. Choose the option called Manage photo album
3. From here you can add a new photo album or edit an existing one
4. To upload photos into an album click on the album name
5. This page will contain a list of photos (if any) and a link to upload new photos
Tips in Managing Photo Albums

- Click the Admin tools link in the upper right then select Manage photo album from the Public website administration area.

a. To rename a photo album, move the mouse over the folder/album and click the pencil icon beside the folder/album name.

Enter the new album name and click OK.

b. If you want to rename a picture or add a short description, just click the photo album folder or album name. Select the image then click Edit.

Enter the new name/title of the photo and add a short description (optional) and click OK.

The name of the photo and short description will appear below the image in the website.

c. To edit the cover photo of a particular album, select the photo album folder and tick the circle on the left of the image that you want as cover photo. You will see a confirmation message that the cover photo has been updated.

d. You can add the date of the event before the title of the folder to arrange the photo albums. Photo albums are sorted in descending order by name. Below is an example that will put the newest albums at the top.

e. In the photo album folders, images are sorted alphabetically.

2. Making the photo album visible in the public website - Where the photos will display on the public site

1. If you don't already have a web page where you want to add the photo album, then you will need to create one. If needed, this article will show you how to create a new web page.
​ Note:
 - Make sure to add titles or other content you would like on it.
 - Make sure to put the page in a menu so that it is accessible.

2. Place the cursor where you would like the photo album, then in the Controls dropdown in the editor choose Photo Album. The Photo Album control image will show in the edit box.

3. Save the page and the photo albums will display.

4. To show specific folders, click the Filter folders link above the list of folder/s and select the photo albums that you want to display on the site.


- If only 1 folder is selected to be visible on the page, the images are immediately seen. 

 - If 2 or more folders are selected to be visible on the page, the folders will appear as small albums.

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