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How to Integrate Facebook in Public Website
How to Integrate Facebook in Public Website
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Integrating Facebook on your public website provides an easy access for your members and visitors to connect to your Facebook account. One of the most important social plug-ins is the Facebook "Like" button because when a visitor to your website clicks on it, a link to your site becomes available on their Facebook activity stream and will be seen by their friends. They can easily click on the link and be forwarded to your page as well. 

There are various ways that you can connect Facebook to your public website.

1. Simple text link
You can write "Follow us on Facebook", "Like us on Facebook" or "[Club name] Facebook" and include a hyperlink to your Facebook page. For information on how to insert hyperlink to an external website like Facebook, click here.
2. Embed in news feed
You can also embed the Facebook link/icon in your news feed so it can easily be seen by visitors on your public website. You can choose from different Facebook icons that are available on the web. For information on how to make images like Facebook icons clickable, check here.
3. Like us button
Having the Facebook “Like” button on your public website is a great way for visitors on your site to follow your page and share it with their friends. You can put the “Like” button on your homepage or other pages of the site. For information on how to add the “Like” button to your public website, click here.
4. Place Facebook feed on your public website
Aside from the Facebook link/icon, you can also use the page plugin to promote your Facebook page. Your site visitors can immediately like and share your Facebook page without leaving your website. For information on how to use the Facebook page plugin, click here.
Once you generate the Facebook code, select the page where you want to put the plugin or hyperlink and choose Code Block control in the Controls dropdown then click Save

Click the Edit code link and paste the code then click Save

If you need more information on how to use website controls, click here

TIP: For an added reach to your audience, add your club website address to your Facebook profile and link your Facebook posts back to your club website.

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