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Public Website Image Rotator
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The Rotator control allows you to put an image rotator onto your pages. To do so follow the instructions below:

Adding the Rotator control to a page:

1. Create a new page and put any titles or other content you would like on it. Make sure to put the page in a menu so that it is accessible.

2. In the Classic Website Editor: Put the cursor where you would like the image rotator, then in the Controls dropdown in the editor choose Rotator. This will put an image that represents the image rotator.

In the Modern Website Editor: use the pull out menu on the right and select Custom Controls from the dropdown. Drag and drop this control onto your website.

3. Save the page and you will see a yellow bar with a Configure link.

4. Click the link to enter the configuration.

Configure the image rotator:

Below is what you will see initially:

  1. Enter a height for the image rotator and the time between photos

  2. It is strongly recommended that all photos be the same size, but if not, checking the Fill container checkbox will stretch images to fill the space. Important! The names of the images cannot contain any spaces. If they do, then they will not display.

  3. To add images click the Add Image button

  4. In the next screen click Select image then click the Upload tab towards the top and upload the desired image.

  5. Once uploaded, double click on the image and on the next screen hit Save. You will then see something that looks like below. To add more images, click the Add Image button and repeat steps 4-5 above.

  6. You can then edit, delete, or rearrange images with the links on the right of the image URL's

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