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Tips for Increasing Member Usage
Tips for Increasing Member Usage
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As with any change there with be those who embrace it, and those who are less enthusiastic. What we hear from clubs whose members embrace Portalbuzz is that it transforms the way the club operates, and that they could not imagine going back to how they ran the club before Portalbuzz. We have gathered some tips and best practices below that will help get members using Portalbuzz.

  • Communicate about the new tools available to them and how they can help the club. The more this is communicated the better!

  • Provide a link to the Getting Started Guide for Members

  • Encourage club members to log in to the Portal and explore

  • Ask members to log in and add a photo of their choice to their profile page

  • Encourage them to update their profiles

  • If you have the capability, at a meeting walk members through the site demonstrating the capabilities

  • Host a question and answer time regarding the portal at one of the meetings

  • At club meetings give a Portalbuzz tip of the week

  • Communicate with members through the portal and encourage them to use the portal for club communication

  • Teach your members to find the answers by using the red Help button at the top of every portal page

The more comfortable they are with Portalbuzz, the more they will use it and the more effective they can be as members.

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