There are many reasons why you should purchase your own domain name. It gives you a sense of ownership and online place to call home. It is your unique name/address in cyberspace.
Here are some more advantages of having your own domain name:

  1.     It builds up your integrity.

The name of your site is one of the key factors to make a favorable first impression. You can create the initial impression that you are a credible and established company because you have your own domain name.
2. URL is your own.
Once you have your own domain name, it sets you apart from other sites. You are not sharing your address with other groups/companies.
3. Easier to remember and search engine friendly.
It is easier to recall sites that have their own custom domain name. It also increases brand recognition. Moreover, search engines gives preference to sites that have their own domain names compared to those that uses subdomains.
4. Create and personalize email addresses using your own domain name.
Once you have your registered domain name, it is easy to create your own email address. You can have multiple email addresses for different departments in your company. Visitors will feel secure knowing that they are transacting with your company and not going through other channels.
You can purchase your custom domain name from whatever vendor you choose. We like to recommend
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