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How Do I Keep Up To Date on Everything Portalbuzz?
How Do I Keep Up To Date on Everything Portalbuzz?
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Keeping your site updated is an important factor to motivate your members and other people to visit your website often. As an administrator, it is also vital to update the information on the member portal to keep the members informed on the latest development in your club or organization. Find some tips to keep your website and member portal up to date below:


  1. Set a schedule on your calendar and note what things need to be reviewed. It can be done weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on your preference.

  2. Find out the latest news in your club or community that you can include in your website. You can also use articles or information from other sources that you think will be relevant to your members. Make sure to update the news section of your website at least once a month.

  3. Review the site to make sure that all photos are visible and all links are working. You can do it monthly or depending on your schedule.

  4. Think of ways to improve not only the content but also the layout of your site. Minor changes like adding images, links to social media and improving the overall look of your website can encourage more people to check out your site regularly.

Member Portal

  1. Add Events and Meetings to the member portal.

  2. Take time to review the support articles and information provided by Portalbuzz to check if you have fully utilized all its features.

  3. Encourage members to regularly update their profile information. This is important to keep them informed on the latest happenings about the club.

Keep it simple!

Even 15 minutes a month can help to keep your site looking fresh for viewers and a quick check of the member portal will keep the information usable for your members.

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