Many organizations utilize social media to promote their group advocacy and boost their online presence. However, more often than not, this is not sufficient to effectively attain significant exposure and member engagement. Having a club website is an important factor to showcase your organization and reach a great number of people who can be potential members, volunteers or even sponsors. A professional-looking and highly interactive site can help solidify a positive public image within the community. Aside from retaining your members, it's also an excellent way to recruit new members.
Portalbuzz provides you with a mobile-ready professional website and it also offers a member portal where can you can manage your members and the various activities of your organization. There are no technical or programming skills required to manage the site since the system interface is designed to be ultra-friendly, functional and easy to navigate. Some of the functionalities include an intelligent member portal which enables you to communicate with your current members through newsletters, emails and more. Administrative tools are also available to streamline the processes and activities of your group.
If you are worried that your organization may not have the budget to maintain a website, this is where partnership with sponsors can come in handy. You can ask a local business or request for corporate sponsorship in your community. It is a good way for them to promote their business on your events and activities and have their company name/logo prominently displayed on your website. If you have members that are engaged in any business, it will also be an opportunity for them to promote their services to the local community. They will be able to support your organization's projects as well as help fund your club's official website as well. It's a win-win relationship!!
See how the following clubs and organizations are using sponsor ads that not only support their community projects but help fund their website subscription as well.

Lafayette Kiwanis Club
Kiwanis de Amigos
Cyclone Gridiron Club
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