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Committee Chairperson or Administrator Roles and Tasks
Committee Chairperson or Administrator Roles and Tasks
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This article will explain the roles of the Committee Chairperson and the Committee administrator and also the tasks that each can perform. The Portalbuzz member portal provides a way for committee chairs and administrators manage committees in one place and provide a consistent way to communicate with committee members and general members.


To begin it is important to understand the roles associated with committees.
Overall Committees Administrator - This user role is set at the club level.
 This role handles creating all committees for the club and can delete committees if needed.
The Committees Administrator can:

  • Create committees

  • Delete committees

  • Change a committee to inactive or active status

  • Manage members and meetings of committees

Committee Chair and Committee Administrators - These roles are set at the committee level after the Committees Admin creates the committees in the member portal.
Both Committee Chair and Committee Administrators are able to perform the same administrative functions in the club. The distinction in assignment is for distinction of roles within the committee.
 The [Committee] Chairperson and [Committee] Administrator can:

  • Send emails to committee members

  • View details about the committee

  • Print a committee page

  • Create committee meetings

  • This will also add the committee meeting to the club calendar.

  • Edit information about the committee

  • Manage (edit or delete) committee members

  • Assign committee meeting responsibilities

  • Add a photo or image to a committee page

  • Print master list of all committees or committee page

  • Upload and download committee agendas, minutes or documents

  • Manage meeting attendee RSVPs (optional)

  • Set recurring committee meeting assignments

See articles about committees functions and tasks here.

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