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Website Metrics Configuration
Website Metrics Configuration
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This article will show you how to configure the site metrics of your public website. Website metrics are a set of standards to measure, understand and analyze your site in order to improve its performance .


2. Under the Public Website heading, select Public Website Editor.

3. Select the Website Metrics heading and click the Select button.

4. Click on the Configure link. You have the option to use the built-in metrics or configure your own Google Analytics account. To use the built-in metrics, select Built-in Metrics from the dropdown then click the Save button. 

If you wish to use your own metrics, go to the Admin Tools page in the public website area, then choose Manage trackers and put your Google Analytics code in. Once that is done come back here and select your account from the dropdown.

Built-in Metrics has three available metrics namely pageviews, sessions, and users.
Pageviews: The number of times any site pages are viewed for the given day.
Sessions: A series of page requests from the same uniquely identified client.
Users: The uniquely identified client that is generating page views within a defined time period. In the case of these charts that time period is a day.

Note: Simply click on the points on the chart to view the date and the particular metric (pageviews, sessions, users)

Important! If you want to use your own Google Analytics account to track the website metrics instead of the built-in ones, follow the instructions here.
Note: After configuring this option, it will take a day before you start seeing results.
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